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What CoinGecko’s all about
CoinGecko is a global leader in tracking cryptocurrency data. Operating since 2014, CoinGecko has built the world’s largest cryptocurrency data platform, tracking over 6000 tokens across more than 400 exchanges, serving over 100 million pageviews in more than 100 countries. We are proud to have played a major part in mainstream awareness, adoption, and education of cryptocurrency globally.

We at CoinGecko believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain will define the future of finance, bringing greater financial and economic freedom around the world. In anticipation of that future, CoinGecko is building the foundation in order to scale cryptocurrency market data to serve billions.
What we’ve been up to
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Using array_position to Sort ActiveRecord Records By Array

In Ruby on Rails, you may face the issue when you try to use .where with array but your expected result is sorted by your

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Import CoinGecko Cryptocurrency Data into Microsoft Excel

Did you know that you are able to extract data from API into Microsoft Excel using the in-built Power Query feature? CoinGecko’s API is completely

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A test to avoid class name misspelled in Sidekiq Periodic Jobs

In Sidekiq Enterprise, it supports periodic jobs (aka cron or recurring jobs) to register your periodic jobs with a schedule upon startup and Sidekiq will

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CoinGecko Introduces ‘NFT Spotlight’ to Highlight Crypto Artists

Today, we are eager to announce the official launch of CoinGecko’s “NFT Spotlight” which aims to:- Democratize art appreciation Help artists connect with a diverse

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